Sometimes it helps to look back at funny little things that happened, to take a break from Covid, politics, climate change, etc. Don’t worry, they’ll still be there when you’re done reading this list.

  • “The Accidental Chef” article in the Wall Street Journal for September 18 talks about mistakes in cooking that created something good—like oyster sauce and brownies, to name just two. 
  • Spitting watermelon seeds as I enjoy a late summer treat.
  • Three books I put on my TBR list just because of the titles:

Beautiful World Where Are You?

          How to Speak Chicken

          Stupid Things I Won’t Do When I Get Old

  • A Calvin story (in honor of National Guide Dog Month):

          As we were walking around the neighborhood, we ran into a six-year-old birthday party breaking up.  At least eight kid/parent groups were on the sidewalk chatting and getting ready to go home. Calvin did an amazing parting of the waters combined with ‘do you want to admire me’ walk through the group. I stopped and did the “my eyes are broken and he leads me” thing, because some of the parents were explaining it in ways I don’t prefer. As we continued our walk, Calvin’s tail was up and you could just hear him saying: “This is my town and my people worship me.” 

  • Alternating among all kinds of free Amazon music streams like Klezmer and Cajun to accompany my time on the exercise bike
  • Little words of wisdom from Facebook like:

                   “The older we get, the more dangerous it is to sneeze.”

                   “What do you do for a living? “  — “My best.”

                   “Does your family say a prayer before you eat?” –“No, my wife knows how to cook.”

  • Sitting on the new wood bench near the Welcome Center near campus and hearing the words carved into the roof over the bench:


                                                                    by Nick Butler

                             Consider the souls that have also been drawn here

                             Not just this bench,

                             But this city.

                             Consider that

                             This bench

                                      This city

                                      This moment

                                      Is what we have (might be all that we have)

                                      Each other, this place, this time.

                                      Do not squander all that you have.

                                      What little you may have

                                      Give it all away.

                                      Just as love cannot be banked

                                      Or a cloud put into a box.