According to a February 9 Wall Street Journal article, nobody likes Valentine’s Day anymore. They cited a study that only 51% of us will celebrate it. I’m proud to be among that 51%.

I like the legend that long ago there was a bishop named Valentine who distributed food baskets to the poor. Fancy cards for your true love only came into fashion within the last couple hundred years.

A few years ago Parks and Recreation had a show about Galentine’s Day, celebrating female friendships.  A social justice organization is trying to #ReclaimLove as a public ethic and force for justice.

I’d like to get back to agape love celebrated by all sorts of acts of kindness.  If I were the kind of person who could start a movement, I’d call it “All-entine’s Day” because all of us could be a little kinder and have some fun doing it.  I know some folks at the university who need some cookies delivered to them, but I’m not telling who.  Luna will be sharing some meat with her 15 year-old predecessor. I’ve sent cards and will do some emails and phone calls to share the love.  What will you do?

Happy All-entine’s Day!