It was a three day weekend and I wasn’t going anywhere. This quote helped pull me out of feeling sorry for myself and into focusing on the delights I have:

Jack Gilbert’s poem, “A Brief for the Defense” says:

If we deny our happiness, resist our satisfaction,
we lessen the importance of their deprivation.
We must risk delight.”

  • Playing bridge and dining with three long-term friends. We’ve shared each other’s grief, health issues discussions and they’ve welcomed my new dogs and tolerated my old dogs. Of course winning handsomely at bridge didn’t hurt either.
  • Going to the farmers’ market and trying a new item, salad on a stick. It consists of stir fried, battered cabbage, mushrooms, asparagus and radish; greasy but delicious. Saw five people I knew at the market and felt like I really belonged in Eau Claire.
  • Went to the bank and left my signature stamp behind. Luna was so excited about a second dog biscuit because it was a holiday weekend that I lost track of getting the stamp back. Before I got home there was a message on my machine from the teller. And I found a friend on the first call to take me back to retrieve the stamp. Luna got a third biscuit so she was really delighted.
  • Arranged a picnic lunch for four folks each of whom has disability issues. So some of us will go to the parade first and others won’t because of heat or walking concerns. All will dine and laugh together. One won’t say much because of aphasia. But the delight of breaking bread together with friends will be felt around the table and even under the table where Luna will live in hope of a dropped crumb.
  • Toured around town with a friend taking pictures of accessible playground equipment, boat launches, electric shopping carts, signs for closed caption devices at the movies and other signs that ADA has resulted in good changes for a poster for a display in July. It was over 90 degrees even in the evening, so I sprung for an orange cream shake at the end. Arby’s drive through offered Luna about two ounces of meat as we drove through. She’d never had free meat from a drive in. Now she’ll be bugging me to go there every day!

Delight is addictive.