After seven and a half years of work, Luna is ready to retire.  She’s slowing down and having a bit more trouble getting in and out of vehicles. She has a wonderful home with a couple acres of fenced yard to play in and a retired couple with a black Lab for company lined up.

So I start the several month process of applying to Seeing Eye for retraining.

My medical form has been received by Seeing Eye and my walk with an instructor was just successfully completed. I walk a little slower than I did seven years ago, but nothing else has changed.   If this was a baseball game and getting Young and Foolish was a home run, I’d say I’m solidly on second base. But then I happened to notice what Urban Dictionary says “first base” means, “making out and second base is…”   trust me, this process is not like that!

It’s a huge loss to say farewell to such a sweet, smart, intuitive creature. I’ll see her after her retirement and she may come back and bunk here when her new people are traveling, but she won’t be with me all the time.  As so often happens, in my inbox this morning was the perfect message, a Henri Nouwen meditation on dealing with hurts.  In part he said:

“You have been wounded in many ways. The more you open yourself to being healed, the more you will discover how deep your wounds are. . . . The great challenge is living your wounds through instead of thinking them through. It is better to cry than to worry, better to feel your wounds deeply than to understand them, better to let them enter into your silence than to talk about them. The choice you face constantly is whether you are taking your hurts to your head or to your heart. In your head you can analyze them, find their causes and consequences, and coin words to speak and write about them. But no final healing is likely to come from that source. You need to let your wounds go down to your heart. Then you can live through them and discover that they will not destroy you. Your heart is greater than your wounds.”

That’s the next step of the journey for me.  Luna is starting to send me ideas about getting blessed at IM church her last time there, etc. She’s so intuitive, I’m pretty sure she knows change is coming.  Last night she and Mack (a retired Leader Dog) were sprawled butt to butt on a friend’s long sofa, so Mack may well be her retirement coach. If all goes well, I could be in New Jersey in January. If they have snow, I’ll get to practice working in snow before we return to Wisconsin which I’ll guarantee will have snow.

Wish us luck and strength.

Kathie and Luna