Sometimes when one is retired, it’s hard to distinguish if one is “working” or “on vacation”, so I declared this long weekend as Vacation!

A friend and I took milkshakes to another friend who lives in assisted living in honor of summer.  That was tasty! Note to self: if I land in a facility, try to pick one that has a bistro or something so you can get something other than three square meals a day.

Next day, potluck supper and bridge. The food and company were grand, the cards favored the opposing team.

Following day had lunch and went fishing at Jeremiah’s Bullfrog near Menomonie, WI. Great food but nobody caught any fish. The one who might have caught something was Luna. If I’d only let her loose when the ducks on the pond swam right by her, she would have shown her Lab ancestry with pleasure. A good time with good friends.

Since hearing a loon in person not in a movie like “On Golden Pond” was on my bucket list, Sunday I was  up at four to go north to look for loons at sunrise on the Chippewa River flowage with lots of little lakes.  According to, there are four distinct loon calls; we heard three of them. Then on to Hayward for breakfast and strolling main street with all the other tourists looking for fudge to bring home and share.

Monday brunch for a friend who’s going on a month’s trip to Scandinavia; she needs deviled eggs and fresh corn to remind her why she’s coming back.  Then ice cream with a friend in honor of her sister who died.  We always went on ice cream runs together for Sunday afternoon entertainment.  Then a supper with other friends featuring all the leftovers from the weekend’s entertaining.

In case you’re wondering, Luna considered it a fine vacation because of all the new experiences and smells and because she got to skip Mass.   We need to go back to work on Tuesday to rest up from vacationing!