The words of this hymn really struck me this week. ”When troubles surround us, when evils come the body grows weak, the spirit grows numb. When these things beset us God doesn’t forget us. He sends down his love on the wings of a dove.” After being laid low last week by various political events, I needed the touch of the wings of a dove or the caws of the crow. If you’re feeling bogged down, I hope the following wing brushes might help you notice some in your life.

  • Friends responded with “I’m sorry” and commitments to contact their Senators about not gutting the ADA.
  • Two right books at the right time came to my notice: Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved and Radical Hope: Letters of Assent… It’s so good to know others are struggling and moving forward toward truth and justice.
  • The “Country Hymns” channel on Pandora with “Wings of a Dove” and other hymns of hope
  • A friend in the back row of church who (with permission) upon hearing of Luna’s reluctance to come to Mass brings her a small treat. When she spies him as we walk in, suddenly there’s a spring in her step.
  • A beautiful story on the Corvid research blog I follow about a scientist embracing their style of thinking and figuring out creative adaptations to their attention deficit disorder and dyslexia.
  • Two or three crows loudly discussing world affairs (I’m sure!) as I stood in our cold windy backyard waiting for Luna to take care of business.
  • A librarian who took the time to send out read alikes along with a notice of the next book club meeting. In case your taste runs to legal thrillers, the author she mentioned that is my new favorite is William Bernhardt.
  • Sharing meals and conversation with several groups of friends including one who laughed so heartily I thought we’d get kicked out of the restaurant.
  • As friends disappear for a week or so to somewhere warm (truly I’m happy for them!) another friend told me she saw snow geese flying north. Spring will come!