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About this time of year I look for a couple Christmas stories to read.  I read them with a tongue in cheek attitude—how sweet but this is fiction! This year’s selection was Richard Paul Evans’ Finding Noel. Not to spoil the story, but people down on their luck still help others and good things happen.

A day after finishing this lovely novel, I’m at the grocery store with a friend picking up all sorts of baking and entertaining supplies for the season including iced cookies (polar bears and snowmen) to take to have a little tea for friends at an assisted living facility.  I did find a fruitcake but there was only one choice in a large grocery store. What is the world coming to!

As we were checking out, the lady with a young child ahead of us was taking things out of her cart because there wasn’t enough money on her food stamp card to get everything. The sighted friend I was shopping with eyeballed the situation and silently passed the checker enough money to make up the difference.  The child came back, hugged my friend’s knee (as high as they could reach) and said “thank you”.  I reimbursed my friend for half; I didn’t want to miss out on the joy of giving and off we went to drink eggnog and solve the world’s problems with a good chat.

Other signs of the season I witnessed this week:

  • A neighbor shoveled my walks and driveway expecting nothing in return
  • A book club member who doesn’t drive in the dark anymore was offered rides
  • The dentist’s office agreed to email me a reminder instead of handing me a card I can’t read (without trying to say HIPA prevents it like the medical clinics say)
  • At a donation site for toys for local kids in need a mom brought toys her ten year-old had picked out for kids that had less instead of getting presents herself. She did say that the three year-old brother had decided differently.

Maybe those sweet Christmas novels are true in that they make you notice the good stuff that is going on all around us. At least it worked for me this week.


Getting together with friends, whether at an assisted living facility where some live, an Indian fast food joint at the mall, quick before it goes out of business, or around my table for lunch or tea and cookies.

The music of Christmas: a youth symphony concert, a lessons and carols service at church, Pandora’s Christmas playlist…

The food of Christmas: lefse, creamed herring, homemade krumkake, oyster soup and of course Christmas cookies galore.

Baking: coconut scones with maraschino cherries in them was my invention for this year.

The poetry and stories of Christmas: a friend shared “What the Donkey Saw” by U. A. Fanthorpe and “A Cup of Christmas Tea” by Hegg.

My sentimental read this year was Being Santa Claus: What I Learned about the True Meaning of Christmas by Jonathan Lane and Sal Lizard.

The dogs of Christmas: Leader Dog pups came to visit and Ivanna (my retired guide dog) will come for a sleepover to help watch for Santa Christmas Eve.

Advent: complete with an Advent calendar a friend made with the little pockets with candy in them numbered in braille and the church booklet provided electronically by the publisher without any hassle!

The letters of Christmas: hearing from people I’ve known for years about the joys and sorrows of their year; sending out my letter electronically but not being techie enough to realize the photos in it didn’t go. The recipients got to experience my world complete with descriptions of pictures but no pictures! Oops!

Brailling letters from Santa to two blind kids: Santa even shared a joke: “What do you get when you cross a snowman and a vampire?” Answer: “Frostbite!”

The gift-giving of Christmas: being able to deliver at least one perfect gift, a bag of Oreos to the priest whose grin stretched from ear to ear.

The memories of Christmas: the year I was twelve and got a parakeet for Christmas is one of my favorites.

The smells of Christmas: pine wreaths and trees, baking, candles…

Wishing you all the sights, sounds, smells and warm memories and feelings of the season.