Throughout my adult life I’ve enjoyed explaining disabilities to kids.  My Seeing Eye dogs and I have been in nursery schools to high schools, public and private, small and large.  The kids’ questions are so wonderful. From “How do you find your dog’s poop to clean it up?” to “Did people tease you when you were little?” They get right to the point.

            Yesterday I experienced a ripple from one of those talks, probably given twenty-five years ago to a preschool crowd.  A woman stopped me as a friend and I were going to the last farmers’ market of the season.  She wanted to tell me I’d talked to her preschool and it had been so memorable she said that she’d never forget it. I was doing the Midwestern humble “that’s great, bye now” thing when she said something to her child.  It began to dawn on me that I needed to switch gears and go into educator mode. I said “hi” to the kid and explained that my eyes were broken and the dog saw for me.  I then asked if the child would like to meet the Seeing Eye dog and got a cautious affirmative response from the mom. I asked name and age of said kid and the mom asked if she could take a picture of us with her child.  Judging by the fact the child had said nothing, was in a wagon or stroller or other wheeled conveyance and was above the usual age for getting such a ride, I began to put two and two together.

            Mom had learned about disabilities when she was little from my talk, and now had a child with disabilities herself.  Hopefully something I’d said had made this parental journey into Disabilityland just a little easier.  Sure, I can play local celeb and smile for a picture! Of course, Calvin was glad to socialize with the young one, probably snuffling for crumbs in the wheeled conveyance. 

            You never know the ripples that will come from a little act of kindness. Keep dropping pebbles!