The theme of the Inclusive Ministry church this month was the rainbow that God gave Noah after the flood as a sign to all of us that He is with us.  I started thinking about how I would explain the rainbow to one of our worshipers who is autistic and blind. I’ve never seen a rainbow myself and just dealt with it enough to know the colors in order and learn its shape so I don’t sound ignorant living in a sighted world. But as I thought more about it, it began to bother me: God gave this sign to sighted people, what did he give to us blind folks? The answers I’ve come up with so far are the feel of sunshine after a storm, soft breezes and the sound of a chorus of different birds all singing after the storm.

I was reminded of God’s generosity through the generosity of a friend that bore fruit this week.  When I turned seventy I got a big box of silly stuff from a friend including lots of raisins.  I re-gifted them to another friend who also turned seventy and was having knee replacement surgery. I suggested they’d help keep her regular and she reported back that indeed they worked! Only those of you who have been stopped up after surgery will truly know what a gift this was!

The gift from God that Luna’s presence in my life has been over the last seven years is coming to an end.  She’s having more trouble jumping in and out of cars and her work is uncertain some of the time. She’s nine and a half, so about retirement age. I’ve completed application forms, including a tuberculosis test and medical forms. I’ve found a fine potential home for her with a huge fenced yard and another Lab for company. Now I’m in line for a Seeing Eye instructor to visit and walk around with me to determine my needs. Somehow I’m guessing I’ll get invited to school in the January class.  Many people don’t consider New Jersey in January to be their top choice, but I’ll go with it because at least we’ll practice walking in the snow before returning to Wisconsin in the winter.  I’ve retired and retrained with New Dog many times, but it doesn’t get any easier.  Even though I’ll be able to visit Luna, I’ll miss her constant intuitive, intelligent and teasing presence.  I’ve talked to the pastor of the IM services and she will get a send off in one of those services as befits one of God’s beloved creatures.