In disability circles, the term “inspiration porn” is used to mean cloyingly sweet descriptions of an event featuring a person with a disability. They may have done something like winning a spelling bee even though they’re blind or maybe an able-bodied person invited a wheelchair user to the senior prom. In any case, it elicits a gag reflex from many of us with disabilities.

But I’ll risk saying I was inspired recently to have the honor of meeting with the two sessions of the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library’s phone book club as they discussed my Occupying Aging. Book club members were fifty years old and older and several had additional disabilities along with their visual impairments. Some were adjusting to relatively new visual impairments. All were great readers and compared my book to other disability memoirs. They gave examples of parts of my memoir that paralleled their own experiences.  It’s addicting to talk with readers who relate so personally to your work. It inspires me to soldier on getting my book of blogs ready for publication.

Some of the stories these book club members told also inspired me to keep fighting access fights.  I do have the time, knowledge and connections to advocate that others in the disability community may not have.

I sent my input to the city’s engineering department about the redesign of a nearby intersection, encouraging them to use a three-way RRFB flashing beacon that also has auditory and tactile feedback when the beacon is flashing to indicate when it’s safe to cross the street.

Then I settled in with a new memoir Love Thy Neighbor by A. Virji about the struggles he faced as a Moslem physician in rural Minnesota. It’s comforting to read about others’ struggles for acceptance. As he said “Love is hard work.” His efforts are indeed inspiring.