The New Year is well underway and cabin fever has set in, at least at this cabin! My plan for fighting cabin fever involves trying some new things. This week I went to a free cooking class at an upscale grocery store. The teacher demonstrated making grain bowls. You take a grain like quinoa and chop up all sorts of vegetables to look pretty on top of it and then add a vinegar and oil dressing. I don’t think I needed a class, but the eating was good and it was a pleasant way to spend a cold, dark February evening. I did learn that quinoa is a complete protein.

I attended a readers’ theater program at the library. I was sitting with a friend in the front row. In their final piece, the readers danced around pretending to be a girls ball team warming up by doing a little cheer: “Woof, woof, bowwow. We’re the best”. They danced about a foot from Luna’s nose woofing wildly. She didn’t move a muscle! I just wish I knew what she was thinking about crazy humans.

In one of my book clubs we’re reading a book of the Bible, Isaiah and we’re each reading a different commentary on it. I read one lightweight commentary, Wikipedia and a serious commentary that tried to decide whether the Suffering Servant had a disability. The little bits of Isaiah that show up in Handel’s Messiah or are often quoted like “You are the potter, we are the clay” speak to me. But the rest of the 66 chapters could be condensed in my opinion.

After my advocacy effort of writing an opinion piece for the Chippewa Valley Post about how Delta Airline’s new service and emotional support dog regulations get it wrong, I did an interview for television on the same point. They used two sentences of a twenty minute interview and my sound bite did not sound brilliant. Now I know how those politicians feel!

I’ve also volunteered to be an ambassador for Chippewa Valley Votes, as they try to register more people. Then I heard that Eau Claire will have the world series of beep ball (baseball for the blind) this summer. So I called up Visit Eau Claire and volunteered to be their consultant on how to make their arrangements for the visitors blind-friendly.

Luna turned eight. The highlight of the week was a birthday party for her, hosted by her 14 year-old predecessor who has a big fenced backyard. Luna invited a five year-old dog who will play chase with her. So the two younger dogs ran around inside and outside while the hostess dog sat and watched and looked for scraps from the humans’ brunch.

Trying new things and reading a few thrillers mostly chased away my winter blahs. Only 6 more weeks of winter?