Sidewalks are icy and winter is starting to get old, so I decided to see if I can make the fun of Valentine’s Day last a week.

The day before Valentine’s Day, I went with a friend who used to teach blind kids to visit a 4 year-old blind boy. She had some games and stuff to give away to him.  So we visited and played with the games to show the mom how to get him going.  He was getting whiny for a snack, so I decided I’d invent a dice game involving Cheerios for him. I rolled one die, counted the number of spots on it (one in my case) and ate a Cheerio making plenty of smacking and chewing sounds to show what a fine game it was. He rolled and counted just fine. But by the second round, he figured out how to cheat. He rolled the die and said “eight”.  His former teacher called him on it, but I said “This young man may be a politician someday.”

On Valentine’s Day itself I lectured a business diversity class at eight in the morning. To brighten it up, I promised them an appropriate joke for the day at the end of the talk. Here’s the Valentine’s Day joke I told them and circulated on Facebook etc.

What did one pickle say to the other pickle on Valentine’s Day?
You mean a great dill to me.

A friend who delivers books from the library every three weeks brought me my next bags of books and I gave her a candy bar.  It had a picture of a Lab puppy wearing a Valentine’s Day scarf.

The next day I went to lunch with a friend and she gave me a dozen eggs from her chickens.  In addition to enjoying an omelet or two myself, I’m spending the rest of the week finding worthy recipients to share real eggs with.

A friend dropped off a box of chocolates, which I needed like a hole in the head, so I regifted to a friend in a nursing home. Luna got treats which she’ll share with her retired “sisters”.

I got asked to bake for a bake sale at church to benefit a clean water project in Africa. It’s making the week speed by to figure out how to keep sharing the love. The narcissus I forced bloomed this week, reassuring me that spring will come!

P.S. February 17 is National Caregivers Day. Share some love with a caregiver you know and pat yourself on the back if you’re a caregiver!