What’s your favorite season of the year? According to repeated Gallup polls, spring rates highest with 36% favoring it. Summer and fall are almost tied and winter brings up the rear.  Even before I checked the polls to know what to think, I’d decided I favor spring. Even with losing an hour of sleep when we spring forward and the nuisance of spring allergies, it’s still a winner in my book.

Some of the best parts of spring (in the northern Midwest) include:

  • Honking of ducks and geese heading north
  • Birds singing heartily to establish territories and garner interest from the opposite sex
  • April being poetry month means one can even find poetry in some newspapers
  • My birthday is in spring so I can stretch it out for a month of celebrating
  • Most bugs are not out so one can sit outside without getting chewed up
  • Vidalia onions, artichokes, asparagus and strawberries and rhubarb, are available at reasonable prices
  • Spring flowers make walks a treat for the nose, especially the lilacs

If it takes books to convince you to love spring, let me suggest Chasing Spring: An American Journey Through a Changing Season by Bruce Stutz and Spring by Steven Schnur (acrostic poems about the season).

Enjoy the births and rebirths of spring.