A year and a half ago, it was estimated that there were 150,000,000 blogs on the Internet. I certainly have not found all the blindness blogs out there, but below are some of my favorites:

Many blindness organizations have blogs, like American Foundation for the Blind, National Braille Press, American Printing House’s “Fred’s Head”, and Deann Elliott at the Carroll Center. The National Federation of the Blind has an excellent technology blog. There’s a conflict of interest here because I sometimes contribute to it, but I think the Wisconsin Council of the Blind’s “The Outlook from Here” http://theoutlookfromhere.wordpress.com is exceptionally good. It’s stories about blindness and visual impairment written by blind people in Wisconsin. A couple recent blogs on “The Outlook from Here” were the funny stories that happen when blind and sighted interact.

Although it’s not a blog, if you like funny, follow The Blind Onion on Twitter or like its page on Facebook. The headlines this anonymous soul sends out make me laugh out loud. A recent one was about “Local blind man goes deaf because of sighted people shouting directions at him.”

Other favorite blogs include:

Whether you want to hear stories from a student, a professor, a musician, a guide dog owner, an author, a poet, or an activist all of whom live full lives with blindness or visual impairment on board, happy reading!