So far sixty-six is starting out to be a wonderful age to be. I’ve got it all:


Both my guide dog and I are in reasonably good health. She has to have her teeth cleaned which means a day out of service. But I have the friends lined up to take us to and from the vet and my retired guide dog will be here the night Luna comes home to nurse her through the post-anesthesia jitters. Last time she had anesthetic she cried for six hours straight coming out of it, so they’re trying a different kind.


This week I gave a guest lecture and hosted a breakfast for a guest speaker. I’m working on a couple upcoming speeches including researching the Daredevil comic with its blind male superhero. I baked cookies for the Friends of the Library book sale volunteers. I’m plugging away getting pictures and objects lined up for the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act display at the university library. I helped lead a book discussion on All the Light We Cannot See. The members of the book club were receptive to my rant on how blindness really is as compared to how it’s pictured in Doerr’s novel.


I’m lucky to have many friends who celebrated my getting older with meals and gifts. The best gifts were their presences to catch up on what we’d been up to and laugh a lot. To spend time with friends is one of the best parts of retirement to me.


I’m blessed to have a good church within walking distance, Christian and non-Christian friends tolerant of my views and an app to read me the daily Scripture readings. The time to read uplifting books like Ann LaMott’s Small Victories is also wonderful. This year I’m again going to try to read the Bible cover to cover. Last time I tried I got through five books and stalled out. Being 66 and trying to read the 66 books of the Bible seems auspicious, but time will tell.


Playing bridge and trivia crack keeps my mind sharp. Isn’t that a righteous excuse for having fun! Trying to encourage votes for Fran (my retired guide dog who is losing her vision) to be one of Wisconsin Lottery’s top dogs by using Facebook tested my social media skills. And then there are my spy thrillers and police procedurals. This week I started attending a four-session poetry class at the public library. I’m so glad to live where we have a good public library and in an era when many more books are available electronically so I can read them than when I was growing up.

Of course the world goes on with wars and crises and elections don’t always turn out as I’d like. But so far I recommend being over sixty-five highly! I may even aspire to hitting a hundred and seeing if I can be as astounding as ‘The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared’.

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