I love word games and trivia. I’m not saying I’m particularly good at either, but let the games begin. Especially when the temperatures are below zero!

For a trivia game on my iPhone to be accessible, it must read questions, read answer possibilities and be untimed. Ideally it would also tell me whether I got the question right and what the right answer is. Free would be nice too, but once I’ve ascertained it is accessible, I might even part with a few bucks to play.

So far, Trivia Crack and Knowledge Trainer are kind of winners. Trivia Crack is a multi-player game and doesn’t voice the right answer. Knowledge can be played by oneself and at least says “wrong” when you are. I have an email out to the developers of Exquizit to ask before I plunk down $.99, but have received no answer in a week. I decided to make the big purchase and it turns out that the questions read but not much else. Hiss!

Word games must voice the letters and be simple to fill in. Dragging and dropping is too hard in my opinion and so is remembering a Scrabble board display full of letters. I want to develop my mind, not blow it. Best option so far is Clever Clues which is free. Seven words is fun, but the one that is accessible costs. Braingle is free and has all sorts of word, logic, math and other fun puzzles. Little Riddles is fairly accessible.

So I’ll hunt down friends to challenge on Trivia Crack and hope my addiction doesn’t leave Luna waiting too long for her next meal or walk.

Why play? I learn something, like what a Catherine wheel is—a kind of fireworks. And I’m doing what other folks are doing for fun. About half the third graders in a class I spoke to said they liked Trivia Crack and I just read three million people are playing it. I did not compare scores with the third graders!