I just got back from a short trip to AZ to see the second annual Schneider Disability Issues in Journalism awards given. www.ncdj.org Luna is a great traveler, a good guide and a wonderful icebreaker. But I’m amazed; she’s also my moral teacher as well. Consider the following:

The Gospel reading today is Luke 14:25-33, which talks about hating your possessions and working out your salvation in fear and trembling. The priest talked about hating meaning not letting possessions interfere with our following Christ. Yesterday Luna and I were in the Phoenix airport waiting for our plane home. A little boy had a remote-controlled helicopter which he zoomed over to bump Luna. He then commenced to make it zoom close to her and away from her to get her attention. She was interested for a bit. Seeing Eye training did not include what to do in this situation! After a bit she got up turned around and put her back end toward the temptation and lay down. Clearly she said without words “I’m not going to let this distract me from doing my job.” After a couple minutes the child tired of bugging her and went away. If I could only do as well at turning my back on things that distract me like elections that don’t go my way!

Our priest explained that the “fear and trembling” in Luke doesn’t mean God will get you if you’re bad, but trembling in eagerness. On our journey home I dug out of my pack my two-course lunch of nuts and chips. Luna sat up and fixed her gaze on every chip on its journey from the bag to my mouth. I didn’t notice if she was trembling but she sure was eager. She did get one! Perfect behavior on a ten-hour journey needed rewarding even if the general rule is no people food. If I could devote the concentrated attention she gave to watching me to doing the Lord’s work, that would be a good thing.

Thanks for the example, Luna. I know, I know, dog is God spelled backward!