The house’s gutters are full of ice dams. Books I want to read are not available in accessible formats. Nobody is jumping up and down (yet) to give my new book national publicity. It’s cold enough that we’ve foregone some of our regular walks and Luna is acting a bit like a housebound toddler.

I know we’re not alone. When we were talking at a third grade last week, the teacher volunteered they’d had “way too many” indoor recesses. Friends at assisted living facilities who never complain are mentioning how much they miss the usual outings that have been cancelled because of the weather.

As I was trolling through my favorite newspapers on Newsline, I found an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press about “Six Cures for Wintertime Parenting Blues” that sounded like it might just hit the spot as I try to parent myself and maybe Luna through winter. But when I got the article it turns out to be one paragraph and the rest was pictures I guess. So I’ll have to make up my own list. So far I have these, but additions are welcome:

  1. Read jokes like this one a friend sent: The young parish priest of a little village in the land of the Old Sod looked out his window one bright mornin’ and
    was amazed to see Jesus Himself walking up the street! Having preached about the second coming many times, the significance of what he saw was not lost on him, but for the life of him he didn’t know what the procedure was for when it actually happened. He called the Pope. Says he to the Pope, “You’re not going to believe what I am gonna tell ye’, but Your Eminence, Jesus is walking up the street of me little village this very minute. What on earth should I do?” The Pope thought a moment on the significance of what had just been revealed to him and replied, “Look busy.”
  2. Plant those narcissus bulbs I got last fall; they’ll be flowering by Valentine’s Day.
  3. Make soup; maybe corn chowder or oyster stew.
  4. Take a party of beverages and chocolate to friends living in an assisted living facility. Hearing about the winter grrrs going on there makes me know it could be worse.
  5. Read Mary Oliver’s Dog Songs. Poetry can give a whole new outlook on life.
  6. Plan food for Friday’s bridge and supper that has some kind of a tropical theme; maybe that’ll make me feel warmer.
  7. Listen to uplifting music like: Alone Yet Not Alone (Song) Performed by Joni Eareckson Tada.