Occupying Aging: Delights, Disabilities and Daily Life is finally published and available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats and in accessible format from Bookshare. As with anything major I do, it’s been a group effort. A university class helped edit it, friends reviewed cover designs, and the university’s bookstore is hosting a launch party for it. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Bookstore November 21 at 4:30, shake my hand and get a free cookie!

                The cover design provided the funniest story so far in the publishing process.  It was only humorous in hindsight I admit. Dog Ear Publishing provides three cover designs to an author for starters. The one with the most potential they sent me was a picture of three tulips, one a bud, one in full bloom and one that looked half dead and possibly slimy. When my sighted friends told me about that, I was incensed. My thoughts ran to: Do they think I don’t care how it looks because I can’t see it? Don’t they care that this book sells? After the anger got walked off, I began to try to figure out what the graphic designers were thinking. My best guess (and I didn’t ask them) was that they are young folks and think that a book about aging is about the half dead and slimy stage of life.

                So I emailed them back and told them that the tulips idea had potential, but they should use a bud, a partially opened flower and a tulip in full bloom because those of us who are aging are in full bloom.  From what I hear they did well.

                Now it’s on to the marketing phase. A press release went out to local media and various listservs I’m on. That’s where you come in to this project! Email me schneiks@uwec.edu your marketing ideas. Best idea wins a free copy of Occupying Aging in paperback or accessible format.