My guide dog Luna and I have celebrated our one year anniversary of working together and this blog has been up and going for a year.  Luna has visited family including a dachshund who rules the world, gone on vacation to Iowa, sat through enough meetings that she even grumbled in one, attended funerals, parties and done all sorts of community service gigs. She’s been charged by a neighbor dog and had a lump on her leg that made me grayer than I am already until I learned it was nothing and would go away on its own. Her favorite community service talks are at elementary schools, but she tolerates admiration from nursing home residents too! She learned to work in ice and snow in a full-blown Wisconsin winter. She’s extremely smart and sweet most of the time. Currently, she’s playing a “I don’t want to go to church” game if there’s enough of an audience gathered where we turn up the walk to church. She makes the turn just fine if there’s no audience! For the anniversary celebration, a friend brought her some real hot dog pieces. I think she’ll sign up for another year after that!

And you my dear readers have made my first year of blogging successful. A few of you have even offered comments. Now that I’ve read a couple books on blogging I realize I should have answered your comments-please excuse my rudeness.  To help me take this blog to the next level, please tell me what you’d like me to blog about or how it could be better for you by making a comment or sending me an email at After all, I want you recommending Kathie Comments to your friends and I want you around for many more years. Happy anniversary to us!