Friends and Neighbors Chipping In

This week I encountered a problem that I as a single blind person just couldn’t fix by myself. The first day I heard a loud single-noted Bird sound in the basement. When I’d get to the foot of the stairs, it would stop making noise so it was hard to isolate just where it was. I had a friend who is a retired biology professor come over twice. He could not locate the bird or any feathers or droppings in the basement. We also couldn’t locate any holes where it could have gotten in the house. I put an onion bag over the dryer vent just in case, but heard the noise again later, so that had done nothing. The first day ends with me scratching my head about what I have and what to do next. It’s a bit of a revelation to me that sighted people can’t see a problem that I sure can hear.
The second day I heard the Bird in the basement again and then the gnawing by the back door of a critter. Being on the war path by that time, I boiled water and tossed it out the back door. Apparently that didn’t dissuade the critter. Then I heard scampering on the main floor and Luna ran over and decided to sit by my feet. Animal Control only does domestic animals or maybe a bat if you’re afraid it’s rabid and might bite you. Orkon/American Pest called back after the problem was solved and they don’t like to do chipmunks; they prefer squirrels. Anyway my neighbor who works for state patrol and his wife came over. As they came in the door she saw a chipmunk. So they cornered him and escorted him out. They couldn’t find any holes, so it’s still a mystery how he got in. They’re hopeful it’s only one. Luna and I are still spooked but trying to be brave about this invasion from the wild.
My next book Occupying Aging: Delights Disabilities and Daily Life has an entry about squirrel appreciation day. It seems a bit ungrateful to me that a relative of the squirrel would try to take up residence here.
Don’t bother to send me any recordings from Alvin and the Chipmunks (if you’re old enough to remember that group). I’ve learned that a loud chirp sound can also be a loud chip sound of a frightened or territorial chipmunk. I hope the next time someone tells me about a domestic drama like this that I chip in with help like my friends and neighbors did.