Brain Health: Send Me to Mars Please!

                The story starts when I was intrigued by a message on NPR about a website of brain games. Some of you may not be old enough to have heard the drumbeat of research and urging from the media to keep that old brain active or dementia will set in soon.  When I checked out the website info, I was intrigued but wondered what proportion of the games would be graphical vs. textual. So I shot them an email professing interest and explaining that I wanted to know how much of their program was text because my screen reader can’t read graphics. Their captcha wasn’t accessible, so I had to wait to send the email until I had a sighted person visiting.

                A week later I got an email back saying their site wasn’t accessible and they didn’t have any plans to be, but they’d keep my offer to beta test on file… Then I got an email asking how helpful had they been. I said not very and a few choice phrases about accessibility being the law. Venting helps a little!

                To keep my brain healthy, I updated a list of accessible puzzle sites I maintain. A few of my favorites are:



Ed Pegg Jr.’s math puzzles,

Jim Loy’s puzzle page,

Enchanted mind brain teasers,


Audio Games including some word games, U.K. Audio Network with its games room including a great word game

*Word games for kids who are blind or visually impaired, American Foundation for the Blind,

Bill’s Games, has word scrambles, brain teasers, available free.

Word lovers might like this site which includes lipograms which are a kind of word puzzle: has all kinds of logic and word games; fairly accessible and all free

word definitions game:

*20 questions game against computer


                Then I got involved with adjusting to a New Computer and the changes in programs that have happened in the last ten years. Picture old brain climbing steep learning curve. 

                Here’s where you can help: starting July 1 go to:

 And vote for my haiku.  If we’re one of the top three it will be sent on this Mars mission.  Luna and I would love to go to Mars and I’m sure it would help my brain health and maybe give me a new perspective on these earthly access struggles.