April 24 was  International Guide Dog Day. My two retired dogs plus my current dog wrote an e-mail to a dozen friends, thanking them  for being part of our pack and wishing them a   great day. Without human packmates to shop with us, accompany us to the vet, cry with us when a dog has to retire and walk with us when a new dog needs to learn local routes, life would be a lot harder.  We went to visit one retired guide dog, taking some venison we’d been given and talked to the mom of the other retired dog.  She may be coming to visit for the weekend so her mom can go visiting.  Of course we took a little stroll and looked for signs of spring.  Then we went to a Humane Association program about the frogs of Wisconsin, complete with sound clips.  Luna was fascinated by the sounds; I have a feeling there may have been different frogs in NJ where she grew up.  Noticing her reactions to new things is one of the added joys of having a guide dog.  Sure they’re great for safe travel, but having another living being responding to events and people is fun to observe.Eating venison and listening to  frog sounds are true Wisconsin ways to celebrate International Guide Dog Day.  I wonder what guide dogs in Australia did to celebrate.
Ivanna, Fran, Luna and Kathie