The Americans with Disabilities Act is 22 today.  I’ll celebrate because some things are better for blind people and many things are better for people with other disabilities.  Some of the improvements that have benefitted me as a blind person include:  requiring public entities like boards I’m on and   Social Security to provide  info in braille or other accessible formats,  guide dog access standardized instead of differing in every state and  backing from the ADA  to do describer training for library staff

Changes other blind people noted include: ability to pick from 4 movie theaters in my area which have audiodescription;use  accessible iPhone, and Android, systems
The lite rail in our area has talking ticket machines.
I can use talking atms.
There is braille signage in public taxis telling me the driver number in
case I want to file a report.
There are automated announcers in local busses that tell me the stop as the
bus stops.
There are a number of accessible street crossings with audible pedestrian
signals in my city.
    My hope is that as more people age into the disability club, accessibilities will keep improving for all.  Half the people over 65 have disabilities, so it only makes sense to build with universal design and think access for all in services and programs. I’ll celebrate by reading newspapers online with my screen reader and by downloading an accessible copy of a new thriller from Bookshare.